Teacher Exchange Workshop 3


At this session six teachers from several countries presented their projects and experience. Workshop started with an example presented by the teacher from Poland, Jadwiga Szendera who talked about her project TRAP – Take a Role and Play, which was enhancing pupils’ creativity, cooperation and foreign language skills. They created a variety of plays with classmates in partnership with schools from different countries. Ms Szenera showed some of student’s work samples which were not only fun to see but also proved commitment and motivation.

WP_20141128_15_16_54_ProSecond one was a presentation by Weronika Kuś, English teacher from Poland, who showed some examples of her work with students in the project What links us? – pull the rope and create Europe. EUrope in fact is EU and rope (EUrope=EU + rope) so they used this quotation as a metaphor of the project. They found music as a symbolic rope which connects people around Europe, and they used it as a main theme of the project. Students did research how their countries fit into a particular kind of music, also they created and performed different songs together and by each country alone. One can have a look to some of results of the project such as the book with created songs and an anthem of the project as well.   

WP_20141128_15_27_43_ProMałorzata Łaska, another teacher from Poland shared with the audience a story of her adventure with eTwinning. She started as a participant in an online course and then found a partner for her 3 month long first project. After that, she was invited to a longer project by another partner and that’s how her story begun. Since then she participated in the number of projects and gain a lot of experience. Małorzata shared with us some thoughts on who is a good partner: works hard, is full of ideas, has a lot of free time and, surprisingly, does not have to know ICT tools. In her opinion it is worth to bear in mind that pupils come and go but teachers stay.

WP_20141128_030Jim Bateman form UK talked about some ideas how one can enrich teaching by using cryptology. He presented a number of ways how to exercise cryptology in the classroom and how teachers can intertwine this into a project.

WP_20141128_032Tine Jespersen from Denmark showed us her example how an eTwinning project influenced the whole school and suddenly became a School Development project for participating schools. She explained 4 facts, why a project can be a huge success: 1. a very relevant and important subject, 2. headmaster wanting school project, 3. well done documentation, 4. partner meeting before start. Finally she revealed she has learned as much as her pupils while working on the project.  

WP_20141128_034The last teacher in this session was Cornelia Tschuggnall from Austria who shared with the audience her experience how she used synergies between eTwinning and Erasmus+ on the example of the project Triple AAA – All About Apples. Participants of the project were primary, secondary and vocational schools from 9 countries. They worked on different aspects of apples from the economy through agriculture, form biology to geography. Apart from the online work during the project, participants had an opportunity to visit not only one another but also some interesting places such as Apple Market in London.


Using the TwinSpace in your project


Whether you run a short or longer one eTwinning project – to make it effective – you’ll need to use the TwinSpace as a platform for collaboration with your partner. Still, there is a sizable group of teachers in eTwinning community who don’t know how to organize project work on TwinSpace.

Bill Griffin from CSS and over 60 teachers who attended the workshop during the second session  tried to find out best models of project implementation into TwinSpace.

WP_20141128_022Participants worked in small groups, each was assigned with the task: come up with an idea for the project and then perform it on the training TwinSpace. For advanced eTwinners it might have sounded very simple, but the snag was to include in the project activities different tasks provided by the trainer.

Once projects were ready, Bill together with audience, went step by step through the platform explaining each tool and how it can be used in project work.

WP_20141128_021Either you are a beginner or a teacher who runs any other project already, you should not be afraid to enter the TwinSpace. Especially now, when eTwinning offers completely new platform for collaboration with not only safe but also user friendly environment.