“How to teach coding” workshop


eTwinning is literally able to change schools teaching methods! Lots of European teachers worked in the workshop “How to teach coding” following the passionate words of two youngsters , Karl and Kart, accompanied by their teacher Ingrid Maadver.

They led the eTwinner teachers through the world of coding helping them to understand how to teach it in their schools and to move the first steps in programming. They first showed the project they are working in at school, then they challenged the teachers present at the workshop with some tasks, first experimentations of coding.

This workshop is a clear example of how students, who are digital natives, find easy and motivating working with ICT. They let understand that logic can be developed that way rather than with traditional teaching, that students can really be part of the learning process and that are eager to learn if they DO.

Just to have an idea, you can have a look at the project presentation made by the two students


or you can use the tools they presented. Here are some examples.

A tool to programme easily: http://doodle.com

A fantastic free programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations: http://scratch.mit.edu/

An educational programming with open code logo language http://mswlogo.en.uptodown.com/

A tool to make your images interactive: http://www.thinglink.com

A site to make you easy to create your own free games online: http://www.sploder.com/ One of the best tools to collaborate and comunicate: http://it.padlet.com/

A site full of tools, projects, ideas: https://eclipse.org/

The coding workshop was a great example of how to develop all the key competences.Never seen before students so rich in entrepreneurship, creativity, learning to learn, logic and linguistic competences!

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