How to Flip your Classroom!

In this workshop we explored the Flipped Classroom method of teaching.

If you feel that your students have different needs which you want to address or that they are bored during the lessons Flipped Classroom is for you! You can find the introduction about this method here: or you can search the net for the information prepared by Katie Gimbar.

The workshop leader Helen de Lange attracted the attention of the participants by showing practical examples of Flipping the Classroom.

Various advantages of implementing this method address both teachers and students:

  • the students get the materials before the class e.g. video lectures and they watch it at home;
  • it allows your students to learn in their own pace because they can pause, rewind, rewatch the material. This way the students take more responsibility for their own learning;
  • it saves teacher’s time during the lesson which instead can be used to do hands on activities, lab activities, helping the students, doing the quizzes or posters, working on a project, etc.
  • Flipped Classroom allows you to work on different levels, involve parents or collaborate with other teachers.

If you want to create your own memorable lessons you can do it with the following tools i.e.: sceencast software,, screenr (tutorial for elearning),,, Explain Everything for iPad (advanced white board), Prezi, etc.

There are also other tools for sharing the content and getting inspirations e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive,,,,

The discussion in small groups let the participants of the workshop to come up with their own ideas how to introduce the Flipped Classroom in their work. There were many brilliant ideas!

Thank you Helen for this great workshop and fantastic inspiration!