Spreading Innovation in School

Webcast & Flipped classroom

Webcast & Flipped classroom

The world of teaching has dramatically evolved in the 21st century and it is now whereby teachers and all other people involved in educating young people need to rise to the challenge. So what is this challenge all about? It is, of course, innovation in our schools.
Teachers across Europe attended this workshop which was very informative, inspiring and demonstrated a variety of ways and methods to encourage teachers to be creative and enthusiastic in their teaching through new technologies and initiatives. With this positive outlook, educators can inspire, enthuse and motivate students and of course, students themselves can become more independent learners and be self-disciplined. The video “Above and Beyond” sums this up: http://youtu.be/A4wOJj6KUWc

As the world is changing rapidly and becoming smaller, faster and more competitive, the 21st learning design requires a new and dynamic approach using innovative ways to manage and cope with the changes. During this workshop, the speakers presented various links to establish more contact with schools across Europe and how to embed ICT across the school, whether it is used for homework, in lesson time or as a means of communication in the school.

The Primary school in Paphos, Cyprus was an excellent example of how it used ICT through Living Schools Lab and its success was down to a whole school approach and by using Webquest and the Flipped Classroom. With regards to LSL, the idea of collaboration is essential and it was clearly defined with the words: STEPS
S – Share/present: something we know
T – teach/technology: something we want to know
E – evidence/research/collaborate: something we have learned/something we are learning about
P – plan/innovate: something we will do
S – support: something we will do
A useful site was recommended called www.weebly.com

The way forward now is to see the benefits of using the latest ICT, and tools which will help students acquire skills to be well-prepared for the future. Teachers, educators and students can learn to think creatively, critically and collaboratively by implementing these new approaches to learning.
Useful websites: www.skevi.net

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