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Workshop: “eTwinning & the family” / Rute Baptista & Rita Zurrapa

20141129_103521Teachers know how important it is to be in contact with students families. Also me 🙂 Communicating with parents, involving them in class and project life always give back a more motivated students ! But I never try to think about it more, because the teaching material always seems the dominated importance.

After Ruta Baptista and Rita Zurrapa workshop “eTwinning & the family” I start to think about cooperation with families more seriously .. it could be included also on eTwinning projects !


We live in time, when generations live separated, and don’t communicated much – in schools children are divided by age, also later, when kids becomes an adult – they communicate on workplaces with people like themselves. Maybe schools – by involving families with parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters could make this generations communication gap a little smaller …

Some useful ideas about school and family cooperation:

Thanks Rute Baptista & Rita Zurrapa for show us this interesting theme in so joyful and attractive way 🙂 For me this workshop was the last one on Rome conference list – so it was like good inspire with bright taste for future ideas 🙂

Tatjana Gvozdeva (@tanagvz) / eTwinning Ambassador LV

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