“Twitter in the class and staffroom”


Workshop: “Twitter in the class and staffroom”
Bart Verswijvel (@BartVerswijvel) and Arjana Blazic (@abfromz)

Most of new technologies tools are not produced for education needs,  but, .. fortunately there are people who find out and share how to use that tools for education 🙂

TWITTER is definitely one of that tools, that is NOT educational native tool.  Anyway, it seems that exactly TWITTER could have a lot of handicaped educational features.

Bart Verswijvel in Rome and Arjana Blazic online from USA on workshop “Twitter in the class and staffroom” show us exciting presentation with lot of ideas about what to do with twitter.

Actually, I am very surprised about all that possibilities!
So I learned that twitter is not only for tweet some news about my live, as I thought before 😀

I find out, that with twitter we can find or share resources, we can organise polls and group tweets and much more ! I learned also about hashtags, retweets, twitter walls and thunderclap, ..

During that presentation we also were welcomed for try and interact many twitter possibilities tasks. Unfortunately, internet connection was very poor, actually it stopped to be here .. so I don’t enjoy and understand exactly everything.

Thanks this workshop I feel now that i made my first step in absolutely wonderful, democratic and great opportunities WORLD OF TWITTER COMMUNITY ! hope I will have enough knowledges for to go forward 🙂

P.S.  Just recently I take a part also on Bart Verswijvel and Arjana Blazic eTwinning Learning Event “Augmented eTwinning reality”. I recommend – if you want learn some new technologies – take part on this event (if it will be held again!)! There was a lot of very useful materials, prepared in so CREATIVE way, that all of us (event students) was feel so really enthusiastic motivated to follow all the tasks 🙂

Tatjana Gvozdeva (@tanagvz) / eTwinning Ambassador LV

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