Collaborative Activities – Key to Success

WIN_20141129_095151This workshop was an amazingly inspiring. The presenters , Paraskevi Belogia and Irene Pateraki, led all participants in a great way through all stages of doing a collaborative project, starting with planning a project and finishing with its evaluation. They created a nice cooperative atmosphere in all group. They showed plenty of great ideas how to work collaboratively to make a successful project.

The first collaborative activity of each project can be expressing opinions, collecting ideas and sharing them among all partners with the help:

Another activity is creating transnational groups and this can be done through breaking the ice with the help of:

A very beautiful collaborative activity is creating common texts, stories in which all participants can make one part through:

Another idea is to create a common logo of the project with the help of :

Doing a project this way is very motivating. In the end it is possible to do a poll about the activities and do an evaluation with the help of:

The workshop was fabuluous. Thank you and we were happy to share the time with you.


2 thoughts on “Collaborative Activities – Key to Success

  1. Great workshop and really inspiring!
    Today I started to put into practice what you told us!
    Thanks a lot!

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