Setting online safety standards for schools


Today’s workshop “Setting online safety standards for schools” was really useful. The session began with Janice Richardson who told us about three main factors to be aware for teachers:

  1. Policy
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Practice

Janice gave the main idea of online safety standards for schools. Then she introduced Steven Opsomer who outlined the rules of using the internet, computers, copiers etc. at his school. Then he shared some experience of work, namely incident handling. The participants were given useful hints on how to solve problems concerning cyberbullying, irresponsible use of the internet.

The participants were given the task to draw up a set of guidelines for their school in the 3 areas: Policy, Practice, Infrastructure.

Then the participants worked in small groups and studied the typical situations in which the cyberbullies damaged other people’s reputation. The participants discussed possible ways out.


Steven provided useful links:

 Thank you, Janice and Steven for this wonderful workshop!