Plenary Session II – Keynote address Lord David Puttnam: Resilient Education

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Lord David Puttnam addressed the conference with an inspiring speech about Resilient Education.

Highlighting the importance of recognizing the need to change teaching practice and to change the perception the world has of school, Lord D. Puttnam mentioned that in education we avoid to argue the truth. This truth is that 96% of college principals believe their institutions are successfully preparing young people for the world of work but only 14% of recent college graduates agree. As he stated: “Students are embarking on a world that we can only imagine. In terms of challenge they will face. It is a very different world. Teachers have to help students to adjust to the new world. Their environment is insecure. It is our job to reassure that their world is not going down the drain.”

To accomplish this we need creativity and resilience. Creativity was described as a muscle that needs to be trained.

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Resilience is a core competence that is stripped off the curricula. We don’t teach it and I am sure many don’t know how to teach it. And it is absolutely vital.  Teachers need to offer talent, imagination, commitment and belief. Because without it, it is unreasonable to except our students to absorb. I want my students to understand the potential. I want them to understand how good they can be. You are not end to be good on the things that you do, unless you have a sense of direction.

The direction nowadays is the digital world. Why is digital so transforming? Because it allow us to create the sense of awe in the classroom. “We are going through a revolution. It’s a digital revolution! it’s a teaching revolution. It’s a sense of excitement that I certainly am unable to share.”

Stressing his message with several movie trailers Lord David Puttnam motivated teachers in the audience to foster a resilient education.